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Orange Door Music Video Inc. | Automated Music Systems

The last automated music video and media entertainment system you will ever need!

  • Thousands of full HD music videos on every system
  • Fully programmed and automatically updated lists
  • Full on-line support, remote access, and online programming
  • Full motion video advertising and support for JPG images let you promote your events and specials through your screens.
  • Advertising graphics designed in-house by our design team
  • fast-Track™ Music video updates 24/7 live each day
  • Run your trivia shows from one system
  • Multiple music video zones from just one system
  • Amazing pub & tavern video trivia

Why us? An amazing music video system is just the beginning of the story

Orange Door Music Video Inc. has been set up to provide entertainment and media systems to the hospitality industry worldwide. We manufacture computerized music video systems for your bar, restaurant, Retail, Gym outlets, to take care of your entertainment offerings – from music video, to trivia shows and photo presentations - an Orange Door system can help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

All Orange Door automated music video systems are set up and programmed specific to your needs as a business. This means that it is easy to turn on your system and walk away, meaning you are free to concentrate on other areas of your business and confident that your music will be perfect every time.

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