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We don’t just do music for bars either, we service gyms, clubs, pubs, taverns, retails shops and the list goes on. Anywhere you need great music video and the power to market to your guests, we can help. So… Do you want a competitive advantage over your competitors?

Orange Door® systems are the business, with every track you could want in our unrivalled music video library. We know the power of digital advertising when blended with entertaining content! Our automated music video system does it all in one simple to use hardware package, build your own TV channels and your own advertising and stop your competitors invading your TV's!

We can help you build a stronger brand and help you deliver your Brand Message!

For over 25 years, Orange Door® has delivered music video systems for bars, gyms, casinos and retail outlets around the world and our goal is simple; to ensure that your business has the best music system in place to entertain, inform, advertise and build your brand!

We are a cloud based technology provider, meaning you will enjoy the benefits of fast service, fast music downloads, fast release of software developments and the ability to remote into your music system whenever you like.


Our music video systems have been nominated for innovation awards - talk to us and find out why!