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All The Juice – V Series | Dec 2015

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New Years Countdown:
New year’s countdown: If your venue likes to cheer in the new year.. Try our 60 second countdown.. It’s a visual countdown with no audio until Auld Lang Syne kicks in at “Zero” that means your patrons can really get engaged in the countdown.

Search for “New Year’s Eve” to find the track.

Christmas Tracks:
We have 3 categories set up for Christmas tracks to satisfy all venues. Xmas Pop, Xmas Radio and Xmas Traditional.

Browse the music categories for “Christmas” to find these.

Keep the Heat Down:
Just a note for all Orange Door users – Please try to ensure your Orange Door system is installed in a way so as to keep it as cool as possible (just not in a freezer!). As with all electronic equipment, heat is a major enemy. Enclosed cabinets are a definite “no go” and don’t put objects (paperwork, clothing) on or around the system.


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