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ATJ – 8000 Series | April 2016


Introducing the Orange Door Request App for 8000 Series

This new feature for the Orange Door 8000 Series is all about enhancing your guest experience in your venue by enabling them to request their favorite songs. And it’s a great tool for Management to use as well. The ingenious ‘music meter’ will enable control over what gets played – no jukebox style carnage here!

The app also gives you advertising space back out on the users phone, Android or Apple. This feature is proving to be enormously popular in the European market where it was tested.


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How to install the APP at your venue


Go into the menu button at the bottom right of main screen. Select [Control Panel] and then [App Settings]. Go through the setup Wizard to install your venue name and location taking note that the location needs your street address to be as accurate as possible. Then simply customise your setup.

Venue Information shows additional information to display on your customer’s phone App. This information can include your email address, Twitter handle, Facebook page etc.

Advertising allows you to add 5 lines of text to your customers App front screen. Great tool for getting special information out.

Request Settings allows customization of security and location services. Contact Orange Door support for help on this.

Manager Mode allows your venue managers more security.

Change Icon we can install your own venue icon to show on customers App front page. Contact us to upload your venue logo.

Category Settings allows you to control what music lists are automatically requested or declined.

Request Log allows you to see what’s been happening with requests on your system.

If you have any questions about this powerful addition to the 8000 please feel free to contact us.

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