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ATJ – 8000 Series | August 17


Enhance Your Brand With This Clever Feature: Frames

Frames are just one of the latest impressive features that leaves our competition in the dust!

The Orange Door 8000 Series offers you the ability to ‘frame’ your music videos with advertising images – use the eye catching ability of music video to attract the attention of your guests to your advertising messages. Ideal for company branding, food & beverage and venue imagery. Select from the wide range of templates available to create your unique images. Frames can even be added to playlists and scheduled to match the service time offering eg. lunch, dinner, cocktail hour.

Get away from dog-eared posters and get into the digital era. Want a moving message for greater visual impact – too easy. If you get stuck please feel free to call us anytime!


An Easter Egg Hunt on An Abandoned Island?

Alt-Pop star Lorde is back and has released her favourite music video yet for Perfect Places directed by Grant Singer. It features gorgeous New Zealand landscapes, 9 amazing high fashion outfits, and big hair – it could only be a Lorde video.

Once the music video dropped, Lorde sent her fans on an Easter egg hunt, telling them via Twitter that there were a few to be found in the video. We can only speculate what these could be but the main contenders are references to Paramore videos, Tarzan, Beyoncé’s Lemonade and Lady Gaga Paparazzi. How many can you spot?

She’ll tour Europe, Australia and New Zealand this fall before returning to North America for a trek that begins March 1st, 2018 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but in the mean time Perfect Places is available on your Orange Door, so check it out!


Ed Sheeran Goes To Ghana

“Bibia Be Ye Ye” which means “All Will Be Well” sets the tone for this feel good summer jam.

Directed by award-winning Ghanaian filmmaker Gyo Gyimah the clip has local residents singing to the song with the man himself appearing as a cameo at the end.

“I visited Ghana last year to make music with Fuse ODG and Kill Beatz, and whilst there was exposed to such wonderful culture, food, music and scenery,” says Sheeran. “Me and Fuse wanted to showcase all of these things in a music video to show off the beauty of it.”


Father John Misty Sends A Post Revolution Postcard

Directed by Chris Hopewell, the same auteur who created Radiohead’s “Burn the Witch,” and Run the Jewels’ “Don’t Get Captured” videos, Father John Misty’s latest music video presents a sort of dystopian nightmare situation, shot in stop-motion animation.

The video finds a woman walking through the post-apocalyptic landscape of a world that’s been ravished by environmental catastrophe. It’s the type of planet where only the cockroaches are around to party. As she walks by signs displaying lyrics from Misty’s song, she gathers up now-useless cell phones, even though there’s no one left to even send a text message.

If you are interested in snapping up some of the props from this video you can head over to his eBay page. Proceeds will be donated to the Environmental Defence Fund.

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