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8000 Series Feature Update

Our scheduler is about to get a whole lot smarter!

You will shortly have the ability to set a start and expiry date to any scheduled event (click the settings cog to the right of the event).

This feature allows venues running the Orange Door 8000 Series to ‘set and forget’ any of the schedulers powerful capablities ie. advertising, playlists, custom videos, tickers, etc. for upcoming promotions and events.

This feature hasn’t been automatically released to all systems yet. If you can’t wait and want it “Right Now”, give us a call and we will upgrade your system.

fastTrack Video Premiers


The charts have been hammered by record breakers in the past month.

Before May this year, The Beatles had held the record for most songs charted in the top 20 of the BillBoard Hot 100 simultaneously for 54 years with 6 tracks in the top 20 for a week in April 1964. J. Cole equalled that with the release of his album KOD on April 20 also charting 6 songs in the top 20 of the Hot 100. Then came Post Malone with the release of his sophomore album beerbongs & bentleys charting his entire album on the Hot 100, 9 of which within the top 20! Not content with smashing records in one field, Post also broke the Spotify first-day global streaming record.

You can check out new tracks from Post Malone and J.Cole on your Orange Door system now!

New Dierks Bentley Incoming

Dierks Bentley recently released a music video for his track The Mountain featuring a gripping story from a man who was running in the Boston Marathon during the tragic Boston bombing incident.

The track itself has an uplifting message about transcending fear and doubt to overcome and achieve what you want alongside the usual Dierks Bentley signature vocals. The track harnesses a definitively modern country sound that Dierks has encapsulated over the course of his career and would appeal to most audiences, even those not too fond of the country genre.

You can climb The Mountain on your Orange Door system.

New Nicky!!!

On the back of two new music videos for recent releases Barbie Tingz and Chun Li, Nicki Minaj has announced a new album titled Queens. The album, set to arrive on June 15, shouldn’t be too different from the Nicki we all know and will deliver that Hip Hop flavour that Minaj is well known for. After releasing singles such as No Frauds with Drake and Motorsport with Migos and Cardi B late last year, little was heard from the artist since her 2014 album The Pinkprint and we’re sure fans will be elated to hear new music is on it’s way!

You can catch all the tracks from Nicki Minaj that are mentioned above and more on your Orange Door system now!
Circle the wagons or drive to success… it’s a choice!

Look hard at your brand with a view to driving new business, not just circling the wagons in a hope to stave off competition.

Any time is a good time to take a good look at your business and with government changes and competition growing, there has never been a better time to take a long look at redevelopment and power up your brand.

This time of year so many businesses look to trim and cut and actually offer the customer less. Some even cut products that drove the business to success in the first place, thinking, “now it’s going great, we can slash and remove things”…..hoping the customer doesn’t notice.

It’s difficult sometimes to get businesses to look hard at developing and growing, but by looking at what’s on menus or looking at innovation and presentation around the key products, growth happens.

Imagine if we …
  1. Looked at the products that make us famous & re-presented and re-packaged in a better way. Global fame is far easier than we think, but the issue is when we stop thinking and circle the wagons when the competition comes.

  2. Researched new trends and looked to drive business in a new way. There are always great new trends, and finding a way to interconnect them with your brand really can offer huge rewards.

  3. Did a full rebrand of our food. I find venues that have not redeveloped their food offerings in over 10 years – the products are untouched. Now don’t get me wrong, some famous food is hard to fault over time, but others with a do-over could become game changers.

  4. Started focusing on making ourselves more famous. So what’s famous about your site? There may be things right now you have not even looked at.

    1. Location Location Location. Best in the city, best in the bay, famous corner.
    2. Position in the city. World famous on the water front, back street or maybe that’s in your name, like “4th Street Local”, which uses 4 things in its menu.

    3. Theme based names. Degree Gastro Bar could have a burger called 360deg. When you’re thinking about your venues, ask yourself what could they be famous for? If you don’t, they can become invisible!

    4. Be famous for your name. If your bar name was “Sales Street” you could do a SALE NIGHT one night a year where women bring in any sales ad from newspapers, magazine etc. and get that discount off, or free deals on their cocktails. You could even get their ad and purchase some of the items as prizes.

    5. Rituals help form habits. I love using the hundreds of thousands of rituals you can make for bars, clubs or restaurants.
So how about you? Do you need to write a plan and get the wagons back driving forward or tighten them up, praying for a miracle?
NEXT MONTH Getting the Message to match the catch!
Scrolling message is a big part of my marketing inside our 4 walls, from our twitter, RSS feeds or our own pre-designed scheduled messages they all have their place.

My major goal is to use my scrolling info to change guest behaviour and solve problems, increase spend per head and increase weekly visit numbers, so next ,month I’m going to let you in on how I use it.
Keep the questions coming and have a great profitable month.

Tony Wheeler
Orange Door Music Video
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