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ATJ – 8000 SERIES | MAY 2016


We’ve updated our website!

Even with all the exciting things going on at Orange Door Music Video we’ve managed to launch a new website! We’ve added 360° views of our our commercial grade hardware options too. Click here to check it out!

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[span4] We have introduced cryptic clues to the Orange Door Pub Trivia Facebook page and the Orange Door Twitter feed. Cryptic Clues will give teams who keep up to date a competitive edge. They revolve around three of the toughest questions for the upcoming week’s show.

Cryptic Clues are posted over social media each Sunday evening to mark the start of the coming week. Feel free to use these to promote your trivia event by sharing over your own social media network.
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Advertising Update

    There have been some cool changes made to the advertising section…. Under “Video Screen Settings/Select Adverts../Advance Settings” we’ve added slider bars:

  • to give control over the length of advertising between videos
  • to choose the advertising interval (number of tracks); and
  • added more ticker control options
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