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ATJ – 8000 Series | Oct 16

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We have recently updated and improved the way you can manage multiple frames on your Orange Door 8000 Series system! As you already know, our frames are a great way to advertise directly to your customers and increase turnover on specific menu items or other items.

It is now possible to program a playlist of frames and have the system automatically rotate between the list of frames changing on a preset timer.

To start with, access the MENU -> CONTROL PANEL -> SCHEDULER

Create a new schedule event by clicking on the NEW button. Choose the Day/s of the week you want the schedule to effect, then choose the time you want the schedule to kick in on those day/s.

Select [Frames/Pictures] from the next list of options under “Select an Action”.

Select [Set frame with-out ticker tape] or if you would also like to include a Ticker on the Frame, select the desired option.


You will then be taken to the below screen.


To start creating your Frames Playlist simply click on a frame from the centre list. To access different types of frames, choose from the different categories on the left hand column. To add a second frame to your playlist, simply left click on any other frame and you will be asked to add or replace the frame.

Clicking replace will keep your playlist with only 1 frame, however clicking ‘Add’ will start to compile your Frames Playlist.

BONUS TIP: You can also choose the time interval that you wish for the frames to change.


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