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ATJ – V Series | Oct 17


Keeping your on screen advertising up to date is vital

Remember you can always email any updated adverts to us and we can upload these directly for you provided your system is online.

Utilizing the Work Area is the key when either creating custom user lists or loading existing lists while running a playlist that you don’t want to interrupt. You can Right Click on the Words Media Library / History / Work Area on the right side of the software and this will rotate the window between the three different areas.


Disabling your schedule for the rest of the day is a good idea when you are running themed nights or there is a certain occasion which you are loading playlists for. Going to the Edit Menu > Scheduling and Logging and unticking schedule enabled will disable the schedule. You can either re tick this when you are done, or this will automatically re tick itself once the computer is rebooted.


Jay-Z And Fat Joe Help Puerto Rico

Fat Joe and Jay-Z may have been real life rivals in the past, but they’ve long since buried the hatchet and now the rap legends are teaming up for a greater cause as they’ve combined to collect supplies to deliver to Puerto Rico and Mexico to aid the relief and recovery from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Fat Joe discussed their joint effort with CNN, where he revealed that with the help of the city of New York, the duo has collected two million pounds of supplies to send to each country.


Cardi B Makes History (Again)

Last month, Cardi B made history when her smash single “Bodak Yellow” hit number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Now, three weeks later, she’s made history again, breaking the record for the longest-running No. 1 single by a solo female rapper, ever.

Per Billboard, “Bodak Yellow” has beaten the record Lauryn Hill set in 1998, when “Doo Wop (That Thing)” held the top spot for two weeks. That’s an admittedly low bar — and one that says a lot about the “boys club” nature of hip-hop — but it’s at least a step forward.

Credit to Cardi B for setting a new standard for female rappers who don’t need features to succeed.

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