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Tips & Tricks To Help You Get The Most From Your System!

Remember these useful tips

Image Editor.
A great place to create your own images in minutes, for daily specials, birthdays etc.
Menu > Display Settings > Picture Editor.

Remember the software keeps all Playlogs. So if you liked the music played last night, open the Played Between log, change the dates for the search and load that music into your playlist. You can create a custom playlist from this selection to keep for playing later.
Menu > Search > Played Between

Favourite categories.
is an area to set the tops lists you use, to ensure all content for these lists is downloaded automatically.
Menu > Settings > Categories
This month, the following lists have been individually curated by our music department. This involves new songs being added, and some songs removed. We aim to keep all lists fresh and up to date for their particular style and this section of the newsletter will help keep you updated as to what lists have received the biggest changes.  
  1. Radio-Beats
  2. Radio-Daytime
  3. Dance-Party
    1. DJ-Selections
    2. Party-Time
    3. Urban-Radio

‘Fake Artists’ Have Billions of Streams on Spotify. Is Sony Now Playing the Service at Its Own Game?

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Two summers ago, Music Business Worldwide ran a report on “fake artists” appearing on Spotify, which caused ripples across the global music industry. The exposé listed 50 artists that were suspected to be fictional, and who, it was speculated, were playing a key role in a money-saving exercise by Spotify.

There were a number of suspicious elements to these acts. Each had only uploaded a handful of songs to their profile, all of which achieved very prevalent placings in first-party Spotify “mood” or “activity” playlists which count millions of followers on the platform. Yet the same acts barely had any other internet presence – including zero social media credentials – and their names did not appear on any other music services.

The trick was to calibrate songs for maximum revenue, leverage your playlist brand to push these everywhere as ‘recommended’ playlists, support it with ads and boom – watch the money roll in.


A$AP Rocky Found Guilty Of Assault Over Stockholm Brawl – Already Out Of Jail

Rapper is spared prison after incident that provoked diplomatic row involving Donald Trump

A Stockholm court has found A$AP Rocky guilty of assault but spared him prison in a case that outraged the US rapper’s fans and sparked a diplomatic row when Donald Trump questioned the fairness of Sweden’s judicial system.

The court also convicted two members of A$AP Rocky’s entourage of the same crime in connection with a street brawl in the Swedish capital on 30 June, but said the assault was “not of such a serious nature that a prison sentence must be chosen”.

The three, who spent nearly a month in detention but were released at the end of their trial on 2 August pending the verdict and have since returned to the US, were not in Stockholm to hear the ruling.

Guns N’ Roses To Settle Trademark Lawsuit Over Brewery’s Guns ‘N’ Rosé Beer

Guns N’ Roses vs Guns ‘N’ Rosé

Guns N’ Roses have agreed to settle a trademark infringement lawsuit against a brewery, Colorado’s Oskar Blues, that sold beer and corresponding merchandise dubbed “Guns ‘N’ Rosé” without permission.

Classic-era members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan — argued that the brewery “should not be entitled to continue to sell infringing products and intentionally trade on GNR’s goodwill, prestige, and fame without GNR’s approval, license or consent.
Talking about restaurants & bars is something we in the industry do a lot – but listening well – let’s just say we don’t do that so much.

The bar & restaurant industry has weathered dynamic market changes over the last 18 months. According to most industry analysts, an incredibly tough labor market, growing consumer demand for delivery, and a massive surge in casual dining occasions are among the movements to watch this year.

The rise of “ghost restaurants,” around the globe and massive changes in delivery and outsource catering formats have been in my warnings to many venues owners and managers over the last 18 months – and now here we are in the thick of it all, one might say. So, what are the trends to watch for this year? Where do we go from here? – well that’s easy.


As our guests have increasingly associated eating out with an opportunity to post on social media, bars & restaurants have raced to remodel stores to boost their “experience” factor. The experience for me comes in three parts

1. The food and beverage experience
2. The design and layout experience
3. The personal experience


The food and beverage experience

It might sound easy and many say “I’ve got that”, but really it’s an evolution. Regardless of whether it’s a 90 day plan with 4 exciting menus a year, or an ever-changing program where there is a lot to consider, many of the new food levels I’m working on right now are such a different direction that it becomes a complete brand rebuild.

The design and layout experience

It all begins with redeveloping your front-of-house design and changing your zones with a digital image-conscious facelift. If you are ever going to gain new customers’ interest then getting the look right around the photos in your venue are paramount, from lighting to points of interest. Zones of discovery help to draw and build any brand. I have a new venue in design on my draft table right now, and I find myself looking more and more with Instagram & Facebook in mind. I’ve added and designed photo areas and my digital plans have far more emphasis on “zones of interest” and zones of discovery.

The personal experience

We all know consumers expect more from their bar & restaurant of choice than just a good meal – the experience is everything – so are you developing an even better experience? All the best for this month, wherever you are in the world and if you want more experience, talk to me and look out next month as I launch some real WOW into the global market.
Well, I hope the sound of success is all around you!
Keep the questions coming and have a great profitable month.

Tony Wheeler
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