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OD Remote Management App

Do you need to remotely control your Orange Door system? Do you know about our app?

That’s right – The Orange Door Remote Management App has been released for a while now and it is a very handy tool for managment staff to operate the system away from the main console.

You can control a range of different features on the app, including loading songs, loading photos, skipping tracks and changing Display options.

If you are a staff member who is constantly going back and forward to the music system then the Remote Management App might be just what you need!
The App is available on Android and iPhone stores. Simply search ‘Orange Door Remote’ to download & install.

To access the settings on your Orange Door system, (MENU > Control Panel > Remote App)
This month, the following lists have been individually curated by our music department. This involves new songs being added, and some songs removed. We aim to keep all lists fresh and up to date for their particular style and this section of the newsletter will help keep you updated as to what lists have received the biggest changes.  
  1. Classic – Safe
  2. DJ Selections – Modern
  3. Radio – Beats
  4. Cafe – Upbeat
  5. Jazz – Ratpack
  6. Jazz – Blues

Bruce Springsteen Drops New Song and video,        ‘Tucson Train’

Bruce Springsteen released “Tucson Train,” a third song from his forthcoming album, “Western Stars.”

The black-and-white video features many of the musicians who appear on his new album, including his wife/backing singer Patti Scialfa and several string players.

Unlike the previous two songs he released, “Hello Sunshine” and “There Goes My Miracle” — he sings in a very Springsteen voice: deep, guttural and unmistakable. Its debt to the influences lies in the strings and the subject matter, which is quite similar to Webb-penned hits for Campbell such as “Wichita Lineman” and “Galveston.”

Swedish Court Orders A$AP Rocky Detained For Two More Weeks Pending Assault Investigation

A$AP needs a lawyer… ASAP

A$AP Rocky will remain in a Swedish jail for two weeks as prosecutors investigate his involvement in a street altercation earlier this week. The rapper is facing legal trouble in Sweden following his alleged involvement in a street altercation, which he documented on Instagram.

“So a few drug addicts are not my fans,” he claimed. “We don’t know these guys and we didn’t want trouble, they followed us for 4 blocks, and they were slapping girls butts who passed, give me a break.”

Machine Gun Kelly Fires More Shots At Eminem With New Diss Track?

It’s been a while since the whole Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly saga.

But like a crap song that won’t get out of your head, looks like they just don’t want to let this one die – well, at least Machine Gun Kelly doesn’t anyway.

The fans certainly seem to think that this is more shots fired and have been flocking to Twitter to share their thoughts on MGK’s biting lyrics, with many offering support to Marshall Mathers.

For those who weren’t following the first time round, the two rappers were embroiled in an ongoing battle in autumn last year after Eminem dropped his diss-album Kamikaze, in which he fired shots at numerous people, one of them being MGK for comments he’d made about Em’s daughter Hayley back in 2012.

Whether Eminem responds to these latest lyrics is yet to be seen, but MGK’s got to confirm or deny whether the lyrics are about the rapper first.
Retail across the board is an area where reviews are important but, in my opinion, whether it’s a car yard, coffee shop, butchers or bakers, bar & restaurant or the corner pub, one major check is always the most important. Regardless of what you call them – Display Window, Head Turner or Feature Display – you need them if you are to stand out.

The drivers that get people in your door every day can expect to increase traffic every time. In every retail business we have a path that 99% of all new “street to seat” customers follow, and great signage is just the beginning. How many times has a red-carpet event worked? Well we are still doing them, people love that welcome landing strip of red.

I will give you a quick example. A car dealer purchased a large section of grass outdoor carpet and put his 3 best off-road vehicles in the centre of the carpet. After that was so successful, he set up an area with traffic lights and white lines to mimic a set of stop lights – and featuring his two best performance cars, “in the Drag pose”. These two small changes increased his 90 day sales target by 41.3%. The point of this story is identifying the importance of “turning heads “ – you tell the customer what to look at and what to buy!

In the bar industry there are thousands of ways – from hanging kids bike giveaways out-front of a family restaurant during school holidays, or just your simple 7 days boards having better quality graphics and images. As Jon Taffer always says “turning heads to look in your door is step one to turning bodies to walk in your door”.

The Big Questions – every week in the market I get asked almost the same questions and this week, talking to company reps was no exception. Maybe the answers are not cool enough, maybe the magic pill is still the most desired solution, but the real solution is always work!


Key questions these days:

Here are some questions…

  1. How can I increase store traffic and visits?
    Answer: Do a full 5 mile radius traffic plan, find local businesses, use your NMP (Neighborhood Marketing Program) and become Mayor of the Village.

  2. How can I better convert visits into actual purchases?
    Answer: Set your business up to best suit your market. Train your staff to ask the right questions and look for entry offers to convert visits to second and third visits – even bounce back vouchers for another visit still work today.

  3. How do I get my staff to really look after the customer?
    Answer: Train them and “remember the pickle”, but more importantly it’s a culture thing. As a team ,communicate more and talk as a team – remember the word “change” – a Customer came to the door and a Guest sat down – it’s a Guest who returns.

  4. How can I increase my Guest’s spend or purchase per trip?
    Answer: Sales are often about problem solving, research is the only way to find the problem, great language will make sales, yes, but NO questions do not!

  5. How can I keep them coming back again and again?
    Answer: Often it’s as simple as opening your business to be caring and genuine, but it’s also about building a guest reward program, using their name and all the normal basic lessons that are time tested. For me, it’s about testing my team to make sure all that happens – we never do all we can, we can always be better.

  6. How many traffic generators do I really need?
    Answer: ALL of them! If you don’t, your competitors will. I have deals with a car wash, motels, caravan sales and loads more. When should I stop being Mayor of the Village and searching for more? Never!

  7. How do I maximize revenues while minimizing costs?
    Answer: Again, problem solving is a great place to start – improve your offering without buying new stock items, have great offers for guests and TRAIN your team with great language if you want to sell more deserts or starters.

  8. How can I better manage the profit and loss of my business?
    Answer: Technology will go a long way, but also use regular secret shoppers, use 3rd party assessments to check stock controls, and get close to your team. Again, great culture shows issues.

  9. How can I better understand the industry, products and customer trends?
    Answer: Spend time learning – how many times a year do you just sit and review your business? Get to tradeshows and training programs. When was the last time you booked a day for you and your team to train?

If you are a hotelier, retailer or restaurateur, building “head turners” can help you build optimal increases so easily. A FREE bottle of bubbles marketed outside a hotel or motel for a weekend booking always works. A roadside 6ft long flip flop with a breakfast menu hanging on it once helped me drive an extra $2900 a week into a breakfast trade.

It can also:
– Help move product so losses are less
– Identify cost savings
– Conduct competitive benchmarking
– Develop pricing and promotion strategies that will maximize your revenues and profit margin
– Build marketing strategies to help you drive more traffic from your target audience.

Don’t be scared to be a little different – it can change a lot about your business
Well, I hope the sound of success is all around you!
Keep the questions coming and have a great profitable month.

Tony Wheeler
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