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Rugby World Cup 2019

Use your Orange Door system to stream the 2019 Rugby World Cup – start planning now! 


That’s right – We have developed OrangeDoor StreamBox to easily log on to your Spark App and seamlessly toggle your TVs from Orange Door to Spark. Ring us now, to find out more.

Contact us now to express interest and get added to our list of sites interested in recieving the panel. 


Brand New Playlists

Check out these newly released / updated playlists 

Mix Tape – 90s 00s



Classic – Safe
Cafe – Upbeat
DJ Selections – Modern
Mixtape – Vintage
Radio – Beats
Radio – Daytime

fastTrack Video Premiers

Avicii’s Posthumous Album Tim Is Finally Finished And Released!

Avicii’s third studio album, Tim, is finally out. The posthumous LP, named for the producer’s birth name (Tim Bergling), is the product of a community of close friends and collaborators coming together to finish what he started before his 2018 death. Now that it’s arrived in all its majestic splendor, we can see that the mission has been completed. The world has a final chapter in Avicii’s trilogy to consume.

At 12 tracks, Tim acts as a follow-up to his 2015 album, Stories. It finds Avicii at his most comfortable, working with frequent collaborators like Aloe Blacc and Vargas & Lagola. Imagine Dragons and others also appear, and you’ll find the previously released Blacc collaboration “SOS” on it, which arrived with a heartwarming visual featuring fans explaining what Avicii’s music did for them.

Ed Sheeran Teams Up With Heinz To Launch His Own Brand Of Ketchup

‘Edchup’ is on sale now.

Ed Sheeran has revealed that he’s teaming up with Heinz to release his own brand of its famous tomato ketchup.

“It’s actually real and you’ll be able to get your hands on one very soon,” the pop star wrote, alongside a picture of himself kissing the special edition bottle of ketchup, which also features a smiling tomato with Sheeran’s face on

The collaboration is part of a celebration of World Ketchup Day and Heinz’ 150th anniversary. Sheeran is a well-know fan of the ketchup brand and even has a tattoo of the company’s logo on his arm.

NZ Music Artists Spotlight – Blue River Baby Band

Blue River Baby Band!

Blue River Baby have been tearing it up this year, cracking a #1 in the NZ iTunes RnB charts and a #20 in the U.K while getting spin on stations the World over!

You can now find Blue River Baby’s music and latest music videos on Orange Door. This popular Kiwi outfit is on the up with an addictive organic rocking sound that has been storming stages and filling rooms over the past few years.

Recorded live by Dr Lee Prebble at his Surgery Studios, their self-titled debut album ‘Blue River Baby’ releases on the 26th on July. Lee has also recorded the likes of Trinity Roots and The Blackseeds. Certainly, worth giving Blue River Baby a playlisting and a few spins for yourself.
WINNERS WIN! Great managers know it all… lighting, music, temperature, sound and most importantly people!
I’m on the road in the USA right now and got a chance to visit the world-famous Smoking Joes in the stunning & sunny Sarasota. We caught up with owner & entrepreneur Brain Duarte, who really understands how music fits into increasing profit lines and earning guest loyalty – but he also knows a lot more.

It’s really a testament to the long list of club, tavern, pub, bar & restaurant owners who steer their properties to sustained & long term success. They are guys and girls who “stick to their knitting”, yet change and upgrade their appointments to meet guests needs and stay relevant to the ever-changing new customer base.

Recently I’ve been in Chicago where some very cool new concepts are really showing a clear new path that many of us are following. I’ve headed down to Miami, further down to the Keys and up now to New Orleans. In the coming week we are driving toward Austin & Houston, seeing and meeting amazing GMs and business developers.

99% of the time great success comes from the right business driver a top General Manager can make or break any venture – so what does one look like?

A business driver is not unlike a Head Coach. They must not only execute the game plan while developing their teams, they also have to consider all relevant and ever-changing conditions so that the unexpected never takes them by surprise. That’s “leading a shift” as opposed to “running a shift” – building a team as opposed to buying a team. Now, it’s not all bad news – knowledge and change could see your tills ringing…


So, what are the characteristics of a winning business manager?

Here are some keys…

  1. Informed Intuition – Experienced GMs know through experience and training that if “this” occurs, then “this” is likely to happen. Informed intuition is a skill that results more from cumulative experience than training alone, and high-performing GMs learn to listen to their experienced inner voice and gut about warning signs and déjà vu feelings. They know that when things go wrong, they shouldn’t go with them!

  2. TEAM Culture – When first-time managers falter or fail, great GMs stay steadfast in their support of a team culture. They stand behind the team during temporary setbacks. How many of us owe our current success to someone who believed in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves? It’s OK to make mistakes as long as you don’t make the same ones again.
  3. Don’t confuse being disciplined with being a jerk – Be tough on standards but easy on people. Never compromise on the non-negotiable of your company and brand – but great GMs are fair but firm.
  4. Know the difference between training and mentoring – Training means putting faith in the process. Mentoring is putting faith in the person. A great GM knows a true mentor keeps people motivated.
  5. Plan for change – The GM must keep one eye on the present and one on their crystal ball. They must be knowledgeable and insightful of not only company trends but also hospitality industry trends and retail industry trends.
  6. School is never out for the pro – Being so busy at “busy-ness” that you have no time to learn is a death spiral for any organization’s leaders. To keep leading, GMs must keep learning. (And if you’re not learning something new each day in this business, you’re just not paying attention!)
  7. Make them Accountable for Success – Re-aligning your team and culture to be results-driven is key. Teams should have a “take the hill” mentality and back it up with the requisite behaviour. You don’t “think” yourself into a new way of acting; you act yourself into a new way of thinking.
Great managers set out to win it!

I love this saying “throw your hat over the wall.” It comes from Armed forces training. We are all going over 100%…. It’s what all Managers should have – 100% commitment!

Well, I hope the sound of success is all around you!

Keep the questions coming and have a great profitable month.

Tony Wheeler
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