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ATJ – V Series | Feb 18


Shuffle, know the buttons

Our shuffle feature is pretty clever. The algorithm includes a few clever features such as BPM smoothing to make sure that you are always get a consistent sounding range music from your Orange Door regardless of the size of your play lists.

To ensure that your playlists are always fresh sounding or if you are getting a run of music from the same artist you need to check to make sure that your Auto Shuffle button is “ON” or highlighted orange like in the image below. If it’s off, playlist’s loaded (either manually or via the scheduler) will be listed in alphabetical order.

To find out how get the most out of your Orange Door or for a online training session please feel free to talk to one of our customer support team any time.


Spice Girls reunion world tour rumoured!!!

90s global phenomenon and English all girl pop group The Spice Girls have reunited and new rumours of a world tour have surfaced hinting that the tour will begin in the UK.

Ginger Spice, hosted a top secret get together at her home in England last week (02Feb18), where she and her bandmates reportedly thrashed out plans for a tour and other business ventures with their old manager Simon Fuller.

“We’ve had so many amazing memories. Whatever we decide to do, however it unfolds, it will be something joyful and very connective.”

Reports suggest the Spice Girls are close to finalising details for a tour of Britain and America, which will begin at the end of the summer.


Will Smith recreates son Jaden's Icon video

To celebrate Jaden Smith achieving 100,000,000 album streams, proud father Will Smith has recreated his single Icon.

Rocking the same denim jacket as Jaden and standing against the same pink sky backdrop that marked his son’s “Icon” video, Will Smith’s version is priceless. He even breaks out a moonwalk. Of course, the video also finds the proud father, who left his own indelible imprint on hip-hop back in the 1980s, delivering his congrats to his talented son.

“Congrats on 100,000,000 @Spotify streams, Jaden!” Will wrote in the caption for his new video. “@c.syresmith It is a Delicious Gift to a Parent to Admire his children. Keep Doin’ You!”

Check out the Will Smith version here on his Instagram. Jaden Smith’s Icon is available on your Orange Door system.

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