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ATJ – V Series | July 16


Is It Time For A Check Up?

Dust and heat are your Orange Door Music Video systems worst enemy. Please take the time to check that your system is dust free and in a cool airy position. In most cases a visual examination will do.

You can keep the system as cool as possible by ensuring it is positioned in an airy, clean, dry place. Cupboards are a “no no” because they don’t allow air flow (heat builds up).

If you suspect your system needs cleaning, call your A/V or IT technician to give it a vaccum (or blow out). To keep your system in good working order and to avoid any possible disruption we recommend doing this at least once a year.

Give us a call about any of these things if you need any advice.

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Get your V-series system hooked up with our FREE “online update” process

As you are no doubt aware we will begin phasing out the DVD disc updates soon but there a few venues still ‘offline’.

The benefits of jumping online are huge! It helps you keep super up-to-date with our latest releases both modern music and classics as they become available. You can also ensure that your software package has the latest updates applied too. Also if anything goes wrong our customer support department can log directly into the system and rectify any technical issues you may experience without delay.

Your system does need to be Internet connected for this to work so if you aren’t Internet ready, give us a call anyway to work out how to get this done. We may be able to help!
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