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ATJ – V Series | July 17


Are you getting the most out of your music categories? Do you run custom categories and think they need an update?

Remember it is important to update your custom categories inside of the software adding new songs but also removing the old songs you don’t want anymore.
On any songs, you can right click and choose Category.


This will give you the option to ‘Add To’, or ‘Remove From’.

If you want to add the track to a playlist, select Add To and scroll down and select the Playlist you want to add the track too.

If you want to remove the track from a playlist. Select Remove from. Again scroll down and find the Playlist you want to remove the track from.

Holding the CTRL key will allow you to select multiple tracks at once.
After you have made any changes, you will need to save the Media Library.
Goto File > Media Library > Save


2 Epic New Nirvana Videos Have Been Released

Previously unseen, raw footage has surfaced of 90’s grunge band Nirvana playing in a Radioshack in 1988. They appear to be recording a music video/live demo of their music with lead man Kurt Cobain making various attempts at jumping into frame. Additional footage from that evening of the fellows playing with radical new age plasma globes is linked in the description of the video.


Get Some Rich Friends

Portugal. The Man released visuals to their track “Rich Friends” this week using pop-up advertisements as the medium in the concept video. They also released a website, which acts as a “screen takeover”, for the music video which makes the concept come to life in a more interactive way. Check out the video on your Orange Door or head over to their website to get the interactive version!


End Of Beef Brings New Music

Iggy Azalea shocked social media users this week tweeting that she would be collaborating with Azealea Banks on her upcoming album. Azalea and Banks had previously been feuding since 2012 when Banks voiced her disagreement on XXL’ Magazine’s choice of Azalea as the only female artist to feature in it’s annual Freshman class. Azalea’s album is set to drop later in 2017.

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