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ATJ – V Series | June 16

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Adding Pictures & Videos

One way to get your V Series working to its full potential is to put your screens to work. Custom advertising will inform, educate and entice your guests. Long gone are the days of tatty printouts on the wall! To get the most out of on screen digital advertising we recommend talking with your designer about what you would like to achieve. It could be about brand awareness or to increase sales of a certain product.

So what happens next after your designer has created some custom advertising? Getting your custom advertising and frames on screen is super easy. Just have the pictures formatted at 1024 x 768 (see note below) and saved as a .jpg file onto a clean USB drive. Insert the drive into the Orange Door system. Press the Windows key on the system keyboard and activate “Computer”.


Add the images from the USB drive, when it appears in the Computer list, to the appropriate folder on the system O: (Orange Door) drive.

The folder “Images through dedicated billboards” is for a separate dedicated advertising channel.

The folder “Slideshow for audio only songs” is for the OrangeDoor slideshow when audio only tracks are playing.

From there simply schedule them to get the best possible saturation and watch the sales roll in. If you want to find out more about custom advertising feel free to call one of our customer support team who would be more than happy to help you through the setup process.

Note… depending on your system AV setup the image format size may differ. Please call Orange Door support for advice.


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Now You Can Get Your Beer Towers Direct From Orange Door!

Orange Door now offers premium beer towers for your venue.

  • 96 oz (2.5l) Serve*
  • Stainless Steel Cooling Rod
  • Weighted base with rubber feet and 360 degree swivel dispenser
  • Easy to clean and stackable
  • Reduce staff and glassware costs
  • Strong, durable and long lasting

Our beer towers are self-serve, self-cooled, stand alone, beverage servers which hold up to 96 oz (2.5 liters) of your favorite beverage. That is twice the volume of a standard pitcher. It spins freely to reach everyone at your table and the spigot is hands free so you don’t need to worry about whose dirty hands are filling your glass.

Every tower comes with the SUPER Chill Rod. The Super Chill Rod cools Better Than Ice. It will keep your beverage cold to the last drop even if takes hours to get to the bottom. You can refill it over and over and the Super Chill Rod will keep your beverage cold fill after fill.

The Infusion Rod is also available as an add-on for this tower, and allows bartenders and wait staff to really get creative. Just fill the rod with any kinds of flavor, and it will infuse the beverage without clogging up the spigot.

To purchase or to find out more just contact us!

* Local licensing conditions may apply. Please ensure this is an acceptable vessel under your local licensing laws.
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