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BARtalk | April 2016


Show me the money!!!!

That’s a familiar saying and one I love, the real truth of the case is that extra income and larger single item sales are so easy to achieve. It breaks my heart when bar owners FAIL to plan and organise to take advantage of the power of advertising frames of which can regularly increase single item sales as much as 400% or better. Well designed frames have helped take one of our customer’s menu items, their now popular skillet cookie, consistently into the top 10 section in total sales. Their advertising frames have also increased ticket sales to their band events, and helped brand switching to such a strong level that some breweries have bought rights for this powerful tool.
If you use the power of music video together with advertising frames, your guest’s eyes will be drawn to your screens. Then we add calendar programing to the advertising frames to suit your prime time clock and it all starts to really make sense.

So, how do you set all this up and increase sales and profit? Well if you are a client of mine, you will already have the PT clock, so for the rest of you, here is a secret to digital advertising success, the prime time clock!
If you run your digital advertising around this program, you can be guaranteed of success and increases in your sales along with better informing and entertaining your guests. Use this secret well, and please, let me know how you go!



The International Pizza Expo held in Las Vegas last month was again a winning show and hybrid pizza has been growing like a fire in a dry field and this year is no exception. Its growth has affected many areas of the market who have not really switched on to pizza yet. Japanese, Korean and other flavours are making hybrid pizza a real top 10 seller.

Millennial’s have changed us forever, not only what we are serving or who we are serving but HOW we are serving and reaching them has to be designed well. Baby Boomers and Gen-Xer’s will be outnumbered by Millennials by 2020 so understanding this group is paramount to success, we all need to pay close attention to their preferences and mind sets. It’s not so much about changing our products as it is changing the way we deliver our marketing. Reaching the Millennials will be our key to staying relevant. Jon Taffer will be talking about this in detail in Chicago at the NRA Show in May, so get along and learn all you can.

RSS feeds in venues, although some full visual programs are hitting bars now, RSS feeds for Facebook, Twitter and updates from companies and relevant stories remain a very strong driver of stay times, don’t ignore this media opportunity.



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