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BARtalk | Dec 2015


Total brand protection (don’t lose your brand to an IP thief)

Today’s competitive market sees brand identity and brand imagery theft at an alarming rate and it’s on the rise, so what do you need to know.

Among the top threats on-line
1. Internet Hi-jacking the web’s tremendous reach and economies of scale have revolutionized the way brands engage customers and drive revenue. But the very qualities that make the web so attractive to legitimate business make it extremely lucrative for brand abusers to hijack powerful brands online and ransoms to return service and materials can be in the thousands of dollars.

2. Fake brands saboteurs can hijack search engine marketing, infiltrate social media and impersonate trusted brands to steal web traffic and pedal fake and pirated goods leaving your brand with a distrusted name.

3. Competitors using your brand name – Brand jacking, metadata with your brand name could be happening right now, by stealing and hiding your brand name in their web site they can steal away your power on web searches and undermine your brand’s power and integrity.

4. Virus attack of your address book. Do you want to be about as popular as a heart attack? Then send out nasty viruses to all your contacts… very much like getting sick in real life, your direct customers hate getting your viruses about as much as you do, but it goes deeper these days. Statistics say when viruses get past through your business it says to your clients that you are behind the times, that you don’t care and are incompetent. This can hurt your brand much more than you imagine.

So safe guarding investment in your brand demands a proactive, strategic and consistent approach. An experienced provider can help to deliver cost-effective solutions with immediate impact when problems strike.

This year alone, three brands that I have worked closely with have been stolen by others trying to use the brand power to strengthen their own week businesses. Three different ways from the list above were used. In fact one competitor has stolen to such a large extent it really defies belief and shows the complete disregard for trademarks and regulations not to mention ethics and morality. This is only a small part of just what lengths some go to in order to make a low quality product and brand look better that others and steal your marketing spread.

Protect your brand and your business with an IT check and full brand media assessment on a regular basis and when I say regular weekly is better than monthly.

As brand threats evolve, so must brand protection strategies. Companies must invest time, money and resources to build value both online and offline. Smart brands are recognizing that in the digital world, safeguarding this investment demands a proactive, strategic approach, and a well-designed media security plan to monitor and provide cost effective solutions with immediate impact if needed.

Online brand protection combats the loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust that occurs when someone else exploits your brand for their own gain.

Really it’s like getting a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, it not only makes total sense when there is a fire but without it your entire business could be lost.



Just recently like many, I watched the final race and professional good bye for Jeff Gordon, and I must say what a guy he is and what a legend and a brand he has become, I loved his final statement;

“…but I’ve learned a lot in life, and there’s no such thing as a perfect day and a perfect life. Just like there’s no such thing as a perfect race car. They’re really close and good and at times better than the rest, but it doesn’t mean that they’re ever perfect.”


Q&A The RTB questions still pour in and I wanted to answer a few more this month…

Q: Hello Tony, we are a small town tavern in the mid-west USA, we love the idea of trivia but not sure how it will work, we are already using many of your ideas from the bar talk with great results too I might add. We are keen to improve early week, how can trivia lift turnover? And what other effects does it have?
Firstly, Orange Door hosted Video Pub trivia shows do several things I love; ONE – they build a group of consistent weekly competitors, some of these people have been coming for years to our shows; TWO – they offer a chilled out time for your teams to spend together each week and that team bond makes great memories in your bar. Most importantly it’s low impact on your time to organise and high return – so, you got to love the INCOME! Many of our sites have been turning over 3-6k income a night over 48 weeks a year.

In fact here is an example of the power of trivia; one property I have re-developed is in a small local town. 12 months ago their Wednesday annual turnover was $20,160.66, now, 12 months later, after introducing Trivia on a Wednesday, their annual Wednesday turnover has increased to $229,440.90.

Q: Greetings Bar Talk team we look forward to your monthly mag, we like the Q&A section a lot, so we wondered if you could give us your thoughts on this; We see lots of people doing deals to drive sales, do these cheap deals work and at what cost to the business?
This really is an excellent question, firstly 7 day marketing is a must but understanding value for money versus price is just the beginning. Adding value to your products and services is paramount to success, but understanding that value offering does not mean lowest price. 7 day marketing is about telling the customer you have great deals and great products and that you represent value, it’s not about giving away the house. This question deserves more in answer, so I will work to write an article in future Bar Talks.

Q: Hi Bar Talk Guys, I see on your Facebook that you design and build new brand concepts, what is one of your favourite places you have worked on recently?
Wow that’s a cool question, and hard to pick one, Crowded House Bar & Eatery has been one of my favourite builds this year but in recent times it would be CBK Craft Bar & Kitchen. Let’s not forget SAUCE Custom Pizza and Craft Beer Company so good in fact there, will be two more Sauce sites opening in the new year, thanks for asking!

Q: Hi Juice people, its T… from …… here we truly love your system and look forward to the monthly new ideas stuff; we want to increase our yearly dollars do you have any easy ways?
A truly loaded question, but looking at your bar you look to have a lot of good things happening, so an easy mind set is thinking about a buck, the average bar your size can put through 150,000 people just one more $1 per guest is 150k so increasing average spend by just a dollar can be all it takes. Focus on small but consistent programs, check your numbers. If like many in your class of bar, 2884 guests a week paying an additional dollar is all it takes to generate the additional turnover.

Extra desserts and starters can help you make it, display good solid marketing on your system works; ensure the graphics are great. Also, remember staff languaging helps in a huge way, “you have to leave room for our amazing mud cake!” said before mains are ordered will increase sales. Waiting till I just push back from finishing my huge steak and then asking “want any desserts?” No, not so much. Teach your team to use better language.

One other great way is to increase the presentation of your extra sales, cocktails, starters, desserts and extras can all sell better when the presentation steps up a gear, remember to take great photos and display these in your advertising on your Orange Door system.

Q: Hello, My name is Victoria, I was at one of your seminars recently and you talked about time robbers and I know what you mean. My days just disappear sometimes, what’s the worst waste of time you have come across? Is there any one thing worse than others?
Meetings; these can be a huge killer – having a $1000 meeting to solve a $100 problem is a common issue. Actually working out the cost of each major meeting, in just hourly rates can show where a lot of ineffective time goes.

The number one killer – No Agenda! Just working through the minutes of the last meeting can often mean time is spent talking over the same issue again with no clear movement ahead. An agenda with clear goals sent out ahead of time (at least 24 hours before) proves time and again to get more effective use of time allowing team members accomplish more and reach targets.


To all of you and your families, have an amazing Christmas and an even better new year. Stay safe and get ready for 2016. Build a great plan for success, build a strong calendar for your business and keep the great questions coming in.

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