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BARtalk | Feb 2017


Widen Your Brand

Building exciting and relevant brands is one of my key jobs as an Entrepreneur and I’m very proud of the brands I develop. Some of them have gone on to become market leaders.

Web sales of your vouchers, apparel and special chefs table dining experiences are just normal practice today, and if that’s the grass roots then what’s the next level? Well this is where our brand power really works for us.

If I’m on site working on any of these brands I wear the logos with pride. Once I’ve developed and built a strong brand then I get the chance to develop other product ranges and diversify, really widen the brand’s reach.

In turn, working to widen the brand’s offers to the customer often helps to gain greater brand awareness and larger customer bases and in turn again, sell more of the original product as well as new and exciting offers. T-shirts & apparel, sauce ranges and industry products like beer towers, smart bars and takeaway food are just the beginning for most hospitality outlets.

I can take a trip right through the spectrum to sell all kinds of other products under strong brand power, even as far as homes, property and vehicles. Many of these, and others, have all become part of the modern hospitality venue’s items for sale. But there really are millions of opportunities for bars, restaurants, pubs, casinos and taverns to launch exciting new ranges and build more income, profit and at the same time build more fame – the one strong return is often bringing down costs.

There are many hospitality brands that have even moved into a Horizontal Marketing System. This is a form of distribution channel wherein two or more companies at the same level, unrelated to each other, come together to share their marketing power and product range and cut costs.

It’s well worth thinking about in today’s market and it could just be what’s next in your brand…


Get Thinking About Creating PR Noise In Your Business

If you are still finding it tough to fit that PR exercise into your week’s work, you are missing out. Lots of us do find time and reap the rewards. Look to get some help from promoters around you.

Get thinking more about creating PR noise for your business

Here are five easy ways to create that BUZZ:

  1. Understand journalists and their audience: Every newspaper, magazine and radio station has a target audience. Every decision a journalist makes will be driven by that audience and what it desires to read/hear about. Appeal to the audience and you appeal to the journalist.
  2. Start an ideas book: Write down every single idea you have, no matter how bad you think it is. Occasionally 2 or 3 bad ideas combined can produce a good idea! And regularly emptying your mind of ideas leaves space for new ones to form. You should also brainstorm regularly with your management teams.
  3. Borrow ideas from businesses in other industries: Look through your target media – what stories do non-competing businesses in other industries seem to get regularly published? How can those ideas be adapted to your business?
  4. Ask people outside your business for ideas: Particularly people that know you well, such as people you trust in networking groups or online forums, use that bench.
  5. Ring a journalist and ask: Catch the right journalist at the right time (not on their deadline) and they might spend a few minutes chatting with you about your business, and what story ideas there may be within it.. Remember if you come up with good story ideas, it will actually make their job of finding stories easier. Everyone wins.

This Month’s Feature Menu Item

At Raising the Bar Consulting, menu development is a big part of our game. And many people often ask for some simple menu items to add profit to a menu.

This week …Bump Up the RUMP!

Regardless of whether you call it “Rumpalicious” as I have in some bars, or “A Smothered Rump” as I have in others, strong gastro menus need comfort food. The classic rump steak on fries or mash smothered in an amazing mushroom sauce is a true winner. Most times it’s easy to get a 78-80% GP but better still, this is a classic “Plough-horse with Star aspirations”, selling hugely both in summer and winter – and it’s a real beer / food mix. Add a Good George Pilsner or IPA and you’re in heaven…sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life, and comfort food & a great craft beer fit that call!

For a great suggestive sell “A side of our classic beer battered onion rings” or an up sale with our smoked chicken wings or seafood hush puppies goes well on the plate. Or maybe just getting your staff to ask the questions… “Have you tasted our amazing mushroom sauce? We smother a great steak in it here!!!!

Yeah that will sell!!! Even adding it to your 7 day marketing with a “comes with onion rings FREE on Mondays” could be the edge you are looking for.

If you need menu help, reach out to Make this year a winner – raise the bar on your food.


Three RTB Quick Tips

Change your business and try new programs and formulas in 2017

  1. Staff incentives: I will be putting many great ideas in the magazine in coming issues and here is this week’s staff incentive. “You Clean We Clean” is a classic that never fails to please. Your team manager or owner would choose on a monthly basis the person who has been best at cleaning, and you clean their house, cost about $50 to $60 and the staff love it.
  2. Card Plus: We always get an increase from this wee tactic. If you use cards – 6 stamps for coffee, or maybe it is a BBQ draw – make sure there is a position on the card for your guest to fill out their name and go into a draw for something once it’s full. This makes the card worth more, as there are so many cards in our wallets and handbags these days. Plus it gives your customer a reason to fill it up and claim the free coffee and it also gets you some info like name, number and workplace or home address, email etc.
  3. A real suggestive sales winner: Offer a $1.00 cookie upgrade on all your coffee sales….if it’s late night trade you are in to, you can also do this with wine sales. Women love a good offer. Candy floss free with wine, mini toffy apples and many more all work with wine or cocktail sales – offer and up-grade.

Until then, keep the questions coming and have a great profitable month.

Tony Wheeler

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