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BARtalk | Jan 2016



My Servers vs Sellers staff development course is my most popular and has been in use for over 12 years now. I always get a huge numbers of questions about it. Today I wanted to just touch on how important changing the culture really is and also talk through some guaranteed ways to improve your sales through developing a team that can sell.

Less than 20% of the staff you have now are natural sales people approximately 15% are turtles & bulldozers who sit outside your team culture and will at some stage be gone. The job for any manager/owner is to get your top 20% to join with the 65% who sit in the middle, or for those non-natural sales people to build a sales culture. If you can do this you can do great things. I think everyone in this game knows these numbers and that reward is the reason to be in the top sales group. A manager/owners job should be to keep their focus. To keep this groups sales culture alive you will need the centre group to show them that there is a great reason to work hard for the team and it’s that focus we must work toward.

So once you get your top team driven then training, mentoring and reward is the only way to keep in touch and keep them engaged. It’s also the best way to help your team members become more personally successful. If you want to know more email me with any staff issues.

Here are 4 key ways you can start on better sales:
1. Build great sales language through training
2. Offer spontaneous recognition
3. Identify the natural sales people in your team
4. Use the 3 min sales huddle every day.



How & Where to market PUB TRIVIA?

One of the big questions we often get is where and how do we market trivia? Apart from Facebook, and twitter where past winners, and prizes etc. can be posted where else can you draw a crowd? Featured below are a few winning solutions that have worked for me.

Direct Marketing
Get out of your door and hand deliver opportunities around your areas, 1 mile then 2 mile radius of your business and target groups and companies with good staff numbers.

Well yes academics do love trivia, school lunch room’s work well as teachers often make up team members, technical support centres, banks, credit card companies, legal firms etc. Basically all those who work in academic jobs are a great place to sell your trivia event.

Social & Sports Clubs
Social clubs, social sports teams and many workplace groups with over 20 staff are another place to market directly to. Even if it takes your first drink free to try, it’s worth building new guests through direct marketing.

Helping Others Make Money
Fundraiser trivia can be extremely successful by either donating $1.00 back for every $10 spent on the night or charging a ticket price for the clubs to help make money. We have many bars and taverns running very successfully with one night a week Pub Trivia Charity events. Oh, and its great PR to help raise money!
Making your trivia event bigger is easy with just a bit of leg work, so get out and make it happen.


Money Making Promotions For 2016

“Karaoke Idol” Making great money from Karaoke parties
Bring in great dollars with “sound and look like” events! Your selection of impersonators dressed and trying to sound like their idol, from Elvis to Blake Shelton, will flock in to compete. Make sure you have clothing available for instant dress ups from unprepared walk ins. Many of these can really make a show. With only a few big coats, wigs, glasses or wrap around dresses, if the prize is right and getting the winners song played on the local radio station, this could be all it takes.

Host a “King of Karaoke” competition with a $1000 prize spread over 8 weeks
The standard $1000 competitions are no joke – they have been successful forever. You could host the 7 qualifying nights getting 3 winners a night and the big grand finale. The 21 best of the best battle it out with two songs each for the cash.

Mood Ring Madness – Dance Party
Buy some cheap party favor mood rings and according to how much they cost you, either give them out or charge a dollar a piece for them at the door. Then throughout the night call out colors at random. Customers whose rings are the specified color get a free shot.

Beer Cap Toss
Magnetic cap boards are also cool fun. Put a target on the back bar, something like a barrel end with holes works, somewhere approximately six to eight feet away – have some fun! When customers buy a bottled beer give them the bottle cap. If they sink the cap, give them a prize – anything from a free shot to a free appetizer.

Ring Toss

Ring toss works the same way great for a wine promotion like “WINE DOWN WEDNESDAYS”. You win the brand of wine that you throw the ring over, or be rewarded for buying a bottle with a return offer.

Trivia Dollars
Have a “guess how many” jar set up on your bar and have patrons guess how many dollar bills are in the jar. Winner takes the jar and contents. You can run this promotion for one night or for a couple of weeks. If you run it over more than one night, make sure you attach a “must be present to win” clause in the rules. In case of a tie, have a back-up mini-contest ready to break it which could even be something as simple as a trivia question or a coin toss.


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