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BARtalk | July 2017



Well, the talk of the town is most definitely the Orange Door apps – Orange Door Request and Orange Door Remote – both available now from the Android and iPhone app stores.

The power of the Orange Door Request app for 8000 Series puts guest interaction front and centre. In my own bars, my guests have the power to pick the music they love and they even get great product offers at the same time.

Orange Door Request can be downloaded free by your guests, who can then choose the songs they love. More importantly, we as bar owners/managers can control what plays at all times. The 8000 Series software works out which music is appropriate to play and what is not! This tool dramatically enhances a guest’s visit and helps you better interact with your guests throughout their stay.

The real key here though is … it SELLS. Market anything on the app, from your desserts to drink deals and even events. This is a game changer!

At Jimmy Jacks Whangarei on any Saturday night we see as much as 40% of the music being hand-picked by the people who really matter… our guests!


The Orange Door Remote app is yet another powerful tool available right now that will change the way you and your team control your Orange Door system.

It’s a multi-function management tool that you can use from anywhere – right from your smartphone.

Play, pause, stop and start tracks instantly, with full control over the work area. Play the birthday song and sound effects on the fly. Monitor and control music, change and program advertising. Work around sports events to get music right instead of listening to their advertising between games – keep the party going without interruption and be in total control of the system.

Another unique feature allows you to take photos and load them on screen instantly but for me, its marketing ability is the key. I can push T-shirts or sell more desserts with the push of a button and all from my home office or sitting in the bar talking to guests.

It also works in conjunction with the Orange Door Request app, allowing you to accept and decline any request.

The Orange Door Remote app will change the way you and your team do business.

Available absolutely free from the Android or iPhone app stores.

Call us anytime on 0800 GO ORANGE to find out


Until then, keep the questions coming and have a great profitable month.

Tony Wheeler

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