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BARtalk | May 2017


Introducing ORANGE RAMP™

Lets talk about building massive databases, using the multiplier effect of Facebook ‘likes’ and even gathering data of customers as they drive by!

Seeing Eye technology that not only gathers data, but connects you on a greater scale than you would ever think possible.

Ramping up your digital footprint is now possible with ORANGE RAMP™ – a digital fishing net, catching information and SELLING your brand, products and events to actual customers.

is an evolution of technology to the point now that it can collect data, market to your guests and give you incredible degrees of separation. You could be increasing your database by 1,000’s every week!

ORANGE RAMP™ is the ultimate tool to build for you a massive “loyal guest club”. Contact us if you want to know more.


Using recycled materials and designing custom appointments pays off

It’s not just a cost cutting exercise, it’s about getting original design and concept products that stand out. These are the booths I build from recycled floorboards that came out of a building I was redeveloping.

A simple 50mm box steel frame and some soft cushion bottoms and I created a terrace seating area for dining and watching sports – and a killer brand.


Killer Promotions never go out of style

Great promotions are still always in high demand and by using the Random Number Generator on your Orange Door system, you can build great trade with magic numbers.

Magic Jug, Magic Handle, Magic Hat and the $1000 lay promotion all work very well and can fit a great collection of bars and clubs…Magic Hat has been great in the US cowboy style bars where the venue has numbered cowboy hats. Every half hour in our prime times we draw a random number through Orange Door and if you are wearing that HAT…YOU WIN! If you want to know about any of these or any of the 2500 promotions in the RTB vault reach out!



Voucher & card rewards
If you are using stamp 6 or rewards based vouchers for coffee, beer, wine (well actually anything) make sure you have a position on the card so it can take customer information and go into the draw for another prize – say a month’s free coffee (limit one per day) or a month’s free beer (limit one per day) It will help to keep a customer coming in every day for a month, it gets consumer data information, it really is a win – win all round.

Dessert sales
Who’s at home? When your staff are well trained they are great at dessert sales and offers. But when they get great at researching the tables, they will open up all sorts of opportunities, from Doggie bag for the baby sitter, the kids, mother-in-law, you name it, to “take home a selection” or “take home for later” a taste of the great night you have had – someone at home can enjoy it– it may even be the dog.

Here’s a great way to lift not only late night coffee sales but give a real pickle to your customers – the classic $1 upgrade with every coffee, hot chocolate or specialty hot drink.

Offer a $1.00 cookie, like yoyos, afghans or ginger nut slice. Any nice tasty cookies you have on sale – it’s a good way to clear the day’s stock and reward your customers with something nice – and it lifts your after meal coffee sales through the roof.


Until then, keep the questions coming and have a great profitable month.

Tony Wheeler

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