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BARtalk | Nov 2016


It’s a Visual World

It’s a visual world and what you show has a huge effect on your guest experience.

In recent years, alternative video playing in a well-structured and scheduled program has been proven to extend guest stay times and help conversations among your guests.

Today we know that extreme “sporty” and “blooper style” entertainment is big business. Top extreme videos, uploaded on YouTube, have seen viewing numbers of over 1million times in 30 days and doesn’t even come close to the highest viewed stunt – a New Year’s Eve jump over Las Vegas’ Arc de Triomphe that has clocked more than 7,972,000 views. These crazy superstars are just the start in an astronomically growing community of gnarly extreme sports professionals that has created a new industry plus profitable and popular events centred around these sports.

Nitro Circus Live, Red Bull X-Fighters, The X Games – these events and more, have exploded on to the mainstream stage. So getting this style of entertainment mixed well into your music video produces success by getting eyes on screen to see your digital marketing.

Before you can advertise you must entertain your guests and if you follow these rules you can open a completely new revenue opportunity – it’s video music and extreme sports video that’s very current right now, which is great for the Millennial’s who are now our most important market.

The team at Orange Door work very hard to update and drive this energizing content on our systems. It’s also a great fit to theme a night when a band is playing or a night where alternative video can add to the products you are selling. I use fish tank video for my Fish and Chip Friday promotion, and speedway footage, car crash and snow crash visuals around my video clips in a couple of sites where youthful clients are important … and it works.



Taffer Virtual Teaching

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You will have unlimited access to interactive modules from Jon Taffer and other industry experts, get helpful feedback on TVT Connect, join private livestream chats with Jon Taffer, and obtain Taffer certifications upon course completion.

For less than the cost of a couple of beers you could increase sales and energize your business like never before… DO IT NOW!


Four Ways To Change Your Fate

So let’s take a really hard look at 4 ways to focus some change

Developing a killer Recurring Promotions Schedule, or 90 day plans are my top focus. Amazing 7 day marketing comes in next (that’s what’s happening every day?) Failure to focus on these two can seal your fate!

Festivals & Monthly Events that give you great returns are important for many brands today. Plan your calendar well in advance and fill the gaps by researching last year’s records.

Digital Marketing Plans (DMP) are a must, from E-Blasts to Facebook competitions – your digital footprint has a huge effect of your success.

Internal Media Marketing is my most important, and getting the message across within our 4 walls through digital frames and scrolling message is my number one winning formula.

Printed material
still works in some ways but is certainly a smaller part of the business. Mini Card Campaigns, door card promotions and motel menus are still very successful.

Bounce Back Incentive Programs getting guests back in fast is still a focus. Please ask if you need more info on this or any parts of the breakdown.

Personal direct marketing comes from well trained staff who can sell to our guests on what’s coming up, what’s hot and the 3 Sales keys (The 3 min huddle is super important here).

The 3 Sales keys uses one or more of the three drives sales, they are:

  1. Up Sales “Can I offer you a better deal and take you up to a jug of that cider?”
  2. Research Selling “Do you like chocolate?….then you have to leave room for_____”
  3. Suggestive Sales “I’ve just tried the new cheese and bacon loaf…it’s amazing – would you like to start with that today?”

Your customer’s Experience & Service will ultimately impact heavily in their frequency – so make every visit count.

Music & Entertainment Programming is top of the list but so is great sound quality, sound levels and zones – these all have an impact on keeping your guests settled.

Room Ambience – Lighting and transition throughout the day, guest flow and making sure our guests feel welcome makes an instrumental difference. Comfort, heating and seating layouts can make or break any brand.

Another important area for me is Room Dynamics – making sure the zones fit our client’s needs and that there are enough separate layouts to provide privacy in the right places and collective comfort in the right spots – overall room energy plays a big part.

Maximise your three drink opportunities and understand what it takes to sell that third drink today – train your team and don’t miss the chance.

Menu development, food menus, wine & beer lists – writing good creative copy will sell your products and that true sizzle with great language works – the way we sell needs focus.

Sales Performance through great language and delivery of the product. Great sales people need great training. Effective food & beverage offers, together with a consistent offering will help your guests to purchase more.

Convenience Dining for the right times. For example provide quick, value for money food as a convenience to guests while they are drinking and lift spend with ease. Spend time on your bar snacks – don’t underestimate them.

Signature Food & Beverage – being famous for certain items also lifts spend and helps guests sell your products to others. What are you famous for?

Beverage & Cocktail Merchandising – effective language programs for these products always works. By setting up great creative language for cocktails and specialty drinks you increase interest and build them into conversations.

Incentives are also a must here – staff can and will drive sales – if you give them a reason and good language to use….”Another drink? Vs Have you tried our amazing Mojito’s? Quick language tips like this will always help your team drive sales.

Making events and event hijacking make huge returns if done correctly, but they must also be designed to target key customers. Hijacking events like Oktoberfest and Halloween are easy to do.

Take Halloween – mix it with a wine-down and make and an event for yourself that’s easy success, but then mix alongside your event, challenge or charity to produce even bigger results.

Team Trivia is still today’s largest growing local bar promotion and many of us are getting a Monday or Tuesday full house event from Trivia even after 7 plus years – it’s as big today as when it began.

The Orange Door Pub Trivia show shows the real power in video and the visual team show with sell-out events around the globe really does change spending habits. Seeing a packed bar on a Monday night is a great sight to behold.

Next Month in Bar Talk I will be showing you Speed Pass – the most successful bar game I ever created. Until then, keep the questions coming and have a great profitable month.



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