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Why Choose An Orange Door® Music Video System?

We like to call our system "the last entertainment, music and media system you'll ever need", and we believe it. Every single Orange Door® Music Video system is loaded with great features. Our hardware is built in-house and vigorously tested to guarantee a consistent and stable product. We have a system to suit you - from single zone systems through to multi-zone video, with up to 4 different video feeds, we can configure an Orange Door® Music Video system to suit your venue.

Every system is preloaded with thousands of high-quality music videos drawn from our extensive library, including an ever increasing number of HD clips in playlists to suit your venue, and updated to ensure you always have the latest hits. Plus, our team is always available to help you with all of your technical support and training needs.

Try an Orange Door® Music Video system today and see it all for yourself.