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Orange Door® is the leading supplier of music video systems used in the hospitality and entertainment industry internationally. (Bars, Pubs, Bowling centers etc.). Find a list of participating venues in your vicinity through this App, and if your favorite venue is not participating, ask a staff member why not? Download the app and start requesting songs for free!

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How it works

The Orange Door® Request app allows you, through your mobile phone to request a song. For this you must first install the app on your smartphone. The app is available for iOS and Android.

  1. When the app starts up you get a list all participating locations in your area with the closest venues at the top. If the app does not list any venues it could be for the following reasons:
    • Check that location services (GPS) are turned on.
    • The venue may not have Orange Door® Music Video system. Ask at the bar.
    • They have a Orange Door® Music Video system that does not support the app.
    • They do have a Orange Door® Music Video system but the app does not yet activated.
    • Or they use the app in "private mode". Allows the manager and staff to use the app.
  2. Once you've chosen you are in you are presented with a venue info screen.
  3. You can navigate to several screens in the menu (at the bottom of iOS and Android at the top in the picture)
    • Info
    • Playlist
    • Requests
    • Charts
    • Favorites
  4. With the "Playlist" tab you can view the list of music videos that are scheduled to play on the system.
  5. Under "Requests" the songs that are requested for that system are listed. You can also view the status of the requests. Depending on the settings made by the venue manager for the app, the manager must first approve a request before it is added to the playlist. If the landlord refuses your request then you will be notified.
  6. Under "Charts" you will find genre lists like the "Pop", "Rock," "Country" and even a huge selection of radio stations and mixtapes. These are very useful if you for example are looking for the latest hits. You can also search by title or artist by clicking the magnifying glass at the top right.
  7. When you make a request you can add the music video to your favorites - useful if you want to request that song often. You can even share your request with your friends via Social Media.8) In "Favorites" are all the requests that you have selected as your favorites.

Need more information about the app? Ask us!