We know music for venues!

We are specialists in Music Video for bars and taverns, gyms, entertainment centers and retail.

With a stunning database drawn from the world's largest library each system comes with over 21,000+  high quality videos from the 1950s right through to today’s hottest hits, these are not just any old videos.

Every single one of our clips are either DVD or full HD quality. We don't just promise high quality - we pride ourselves in providing the best. The music team at Orange Door® Music Video monitor the Top 100 and Top 40 charts across every style of music, getting the best music videos into your business with FAST-Live 24/7* and fast-Track™* on-line instant updates.

100+ ready-to-use music categories automatically updates online and are all fully programmable using the music scheduler. Additionally, our music programmers search the world for ever-popular classics and regularly update these timeless productions to your system from the world’s biggest music video databases.

Massive music video library

We have more than 100 carefully curated playlists ready to match your venues brand including;

Classic Rock and Pop


Old folk country to top 40 country rock and party mixes


High energy modern electronic dance music


Hip hop charts and classics


Underground hits and bands your mate Kevin heard of last year


Party music to get the drinks flowing in your bar


Top 100 Pop music


Rock Music Videos


Latin Music Videos


Family friendly music video system


Get the right music at the right time

Here’s where Orange Door® leaves the so-called “experts” in the dust!

Our programmers are the best in the business - from the best in restaurant music through to DJ formats, we have you covered with over 40 categories and 100 pre-programmed lists, updated monthly. We design programmes to suit your site and even take your requests!

You can easily make sure your music sounds fresh and friendly at all times. If you would like to have the system generate ready-to-go playlists at specific points of the day - for example: 10am - Easy Listening, 1pm - Classic Pub Rock Tunes, 5pm - Dining Tunes, etc - this can be set up to automatically happen to your requirements. Orange Door®’s music playlist generation is user friendly, allowing you to create a playlist easily, while avoiding repeats of the same artist or song in a set timeframe.

The Orange Door® scheduler allows you to build your custom schedule on a 7 day cycle or by specific date, putting you in control of the advertising and entertainment content throughout the day. This allows you to address your venues changing needs day by day and hour by hour.

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The vast music video library allows us to always keep the playlists fresh and most importantly, our customers absolutely love it.

– Brian Duarte - Owner Smokin Joes Pub , Sarasota, FL